5 Items to Help You Travel with Your Dog

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page – Augustine of Hippo

Traveling with your pup can be such a great way to experience new adventures and places together. Whether it’s driving and staying with family or doing an outdoor vacation, your options are endless. But, sometimes traveling can be stressful as well. So here are my top 5 items to bring when I travel with Porter.
collapsible crate

  1. Crate

Porter feels safest when he’s in his crate. He doesn’t have to worry about anything else but his little area, so when traveling to new places that can be overwhelming, I always make sure he has his crate available to him. If it’s somewhere brand new and he could be staying alone for some time, I will bring his regular hard top crate. If he’ll only be in there for sleeping, or is familiar with where we are going, I will bring his collapsible crate. Both help him feel safe and secure in unfamiliar territory.


2. His Favorite Toys

I will bring 2-3 of his favorite toys with him. However, I won’t put them all out at once. He gets one at a time, that way when another one comes out it’s new and exciting! It also makes him feel at home and gives him something to do. He loves his chew bone and this helps him get rid of any frustration or anxiety.

His favorite blanket

His favorite blanket

3. Blanket

I will make sure to bring a few blankets that smell like home and him. This will make him feel more at home and will allow him to relax more. If he’s in a strange place with all brand new smells, that can become overwhelming and create anxiety. However, if he can find some items that smell like him and home he will be more comfortable and quicker to accept his new surroundings.


He especially loves his blanket and his bed at the same time

He especially loves his blanket and his bed at the same time

4. His Bed

I always make sure to bring one of his beds with us as well. If we’re going on a longer road trip, I will put it in the back seat with him to make sure he has a comfy place to sleep. He loves his beds and I know by bringing them along  he wil feel more at home. Bringing small items that smell familiar and are comfortable will make his transition easier.


5. Benadryl

Don’t underestimate the power of being prepared for the unexpected. Car sickness, anxiety and bee stings can all be helped with Benadryl. When we travel, I always make sure that I have some on me just in case there’s an emergency of some sort. It’s better to be over prepared then be caught by surprise. Make sure you call your vet to see what kind of dosage is good for your dog.

What are your favorite items to bring along when you travel with your pup?

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