A Little Dose of Happy

While we never know the struggles or pain a rescue dog has gone through, the happiness of going home can always be seen – Unknown

 - Brittany Graham Photography

- Brittany Graham Photography

If you have a rescue dog or have been around any rescue dogs, you know that there’s a certain amount of gratitude in their eyes. Maybe not all the time, but there are these glimpses.

Porter has his days where he can’t get close enough to us. He leans in and looks at you with those eyes that seem to be saying thanks. It can be a look, it can be eyes closed as their head is out the window in pure bliss, or it can be just a deep sigh as they lay down in their bed. They’ve seen what it can be like without a home, without unconditional love, and they appreciate what they have now.

Many of you out there are rescuers (yes, even if you’ve just adopted a dog you’re a rescuer) and many of you volunteer. You take time out of your lives to care and offer love and kindness to these animals that haven’t seen any before. You choose to share a little piece of yourself with them every time you care for them.

Sometimes we focus on the negative too much. We’re inundated with how many dogs are in the shelters, no kill vs kill, how many dogs are being put down and the conditions that these dogs are coming from and we harp. We obsess. We forget. We forget that there are a thousand happy endings still.

So thank you to all of those who have rescued and volunteer your time. I wanted to share with you this link of some lucky dogs on their Freedom Rides to forever homes and foster homes. Thank you. Somewhere you’ve made a dog smile, relax and feel loved like this. Enjoy.

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