For a Pit’s Sake

Dogs never bite me – Just humans – Marilyn Monroe

Here's Lacey! She's a sweet pittie that was rescued by her amazing owners. You can follow her and her adventures on Instagram: lacey_the_apbt - Brittany Graham Photography

Here’s Lacey! She’s a sweet pittie that was rescued by her amazing owners. You can follow her and her adventures on Instagram:
- Brittany Graham Photography

At Darwin Dogs we are proud supporters of pit bulls. We have our Bandanas for Banned Breeds campaign and we have a special place in our hearts for wiggly butts and sloppy grins. Now, if you’re reading this you most likely have strong opinions about pit bulls.

If you’re the type of person that differs from our opinion, that’s fine. I would hope you would read on and give this article a chance to educate and maybe make you question your beliefs and feelings you have towards America’s Dog. We don’t expect you to change your mind, just maybe open up a little space to try and understand where we’re coming from.

If you’re the type of person that agrees with us, then I hope you read on as well. Your mind is already made up and we’re happy to have you on our side. However, this article is another push, another reminder, as to why it’s so important for us to keep supporting our cause.

As described in this article, a dog who is a mutt, let’s say a lab/pitbull mix, is only a mutt until he bites someone. Then he’s labeled a pit bull. A spaniel that bites is only just a dog. But if a pit bull bites then it is more than a dog, it is a pit.

We all have our own pit stories. This article is yet another supporter, another owner of a pit. Is it biased? Well, obviously. He gets to come home to a wiggle butt every night. How could it not be biased? But, it also raises some great points. And quite honestly, you’re never going to find someone that is completely indifferent to the pit bull. Deep down, everyone has their own feelings towards them.  So click here for an article that’s worth every second of your time.

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2 thoughts on “For a Pit’s Sake

  1. My neighborhood is a gauntlet of dogs that are not in any way restrained. I hope for my dogs sake they never decide to make the leap from barking to biting. My Karma remains calm and nonchalant as we are escorted down the street by Shelties, Poms, Poodles and others. I’ve asked their owners to watch their dogs but am told they wouldn’t hurt anything, “she’s all bark”. We all know who will be blamed of they do decide to become more guarded of the area within 3 houses each way of their own.
    Not to mention I really do not want to see one of these great dogs smashed by a car. I do by the way believe the dogs are great. The owners on the other hand I think are shitheads.

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