Fostering Love

Last night I lost the world, and gained the universe – C. Joybell C.

It would be too expensive

I wouldn’t be able to say goodbye

I would cry too much

I’d get too attached

My own dogs would feel neglected

What do I really have to offer?

These are all reasons I’ve heard for not becoming a dog foster parent. Sure, it’s not for everyone. But, you may be selling yourself short. It may be exactly for you.


I would be heartbroken saying goodbye

Sure, you’d be heartbroken. But, at the same time you’re the reason why this dog has an amazing new home. He gets to live out the rest of his life getting pets, running happily, and not worrying about where his next meal is coming from. You made that happen. It’s okay to be sad and realize that you’d be sad. But, have you ever thought about the feeling of satisfaction and happiness you would get from seeing your foster dog with their forever family finally?

Sadness is not a weakness. It’s not something terrible. It means we are human and embrace our emotions. Sadness means we can feel happiness. And when your pup finds their forever home, you’ll feel both. But you helped create all the happiness that both your foster dog and their new family is feeling. That’s you. All you.

It would be too expensive

Not necessarily. Many rescue organizations will cover the cost of any and all necessities that the dog needs, including vet care. Sure, you may have to replace a shoe or two, but hey, in the big scheme of things, not that big of a deal.  Many organizations also have a great network of volunteers. This  means if you’re going on vacation or need help getting your foster dog to the vet, other volunteers are more than willing to step up and help out. You’ve now entered the amazing community of Animal Rescuers.

This is Mindy! She's located at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter! She's looking for a forever home, but a foster home would be nice too!

This is Mindy! She’s located at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter! She’s looking for a forever home, but a foster home would be nice too!

My own dogs would feel neglected

Nope. I doubt it. When choosing a foster dog for your home, it’s a careful process. Rescue organizations will make sure that both dogs are compatible. And then guess what – your dog has a new best friend that he gets to play with. And your dog is now more tired than he was before. Jackpot. It will help your own dog with socialization skills and their activity level.

You Are an Asset

Any time you can get any type of dog with individuals that know how to communicate with them (your Piloting at work) the dog will flourish. Homes that are using the PAW method are incredibly valuable for dogs that are looking for forever homes. You’re helping a dog worry only about being a dog. Which means your foster dog will have an even higher chance of being adopted.

Foster homes are a huge asset to rescues. They provide an opportunity to see what a dog’s personality is truly like. There are dogs in the shelters that shut down, cower in the corner, however, the minute you get them outside it’s as if they’re a completely different dog.

More foster homes means more dogs being saved. Whether you’re a foster for a small rescue, or a large shelter, you’re saving 2 lives the minute you foster one. You’re helping to save your own foster dog’s life as well as the next dog they’re able to pull in because you’ve freed up a space. It’s a pretty amazing cycle.

Dogs that are in foster homes get more exposure to potential adopters as well.  Between friends and family, as well as walks to the park, events and even just posting your foster’s pictures on social media, you’re creating more opportunities for this rescue dog to be adopted. There’s not as much exposure when dogs are in a shelter as there is when they can get out on the town and strut their stuff!

Here's ChooChoo! Also at the CCAS. Maybe a future foster?

Here’s ChooChoo! Also at the CCAS. Maybe a future foster?

Is it hard? You betcha. Is it worth it? More than you can imagine.

Here’s an article on whether fostering is right for you.

If you feel like this is something you’d want to do, reach out to local organizations like The Cuyahoga County Shelter. Heck, we might even have some opportunities for you soon, so keep an eye out….

Keep calm and pilot on

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Darwin Dogs, LLC
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2 thoughts on “Fostering Love

  1. Kerry told me that my only dog Rugby might benefit from having a friend around. I think I might be able to consider fostering a compatible dog in need of a temporary home.

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