All the world’s indeed a stage. And we are merely players. Performers and portrayers. Each another’s audience. Outside the gilded cage
~Rush (adapted from William Shakespeare)

Recently I was lucky enough to meet a fellow dog trainer by the name of Shannon, owner of Your Good Dog training.  Seeing how dedicated he is to not only his dog, but his clients’, as well as his general demeanor regarding training, I asked him to write a blog post.  Please give his Facebook page a view. Our thanks to Shannon for his post!



What is it about human nature that makes people want to attach themselves to a tragedy? When I hear a story of animal abuse on the news I feel badly for what those involved have gone through but I know that the rescuing agency will give them the immediate care and love that they need. I also know these animals will not spend one second beyond the date they become available in a shelter. When a dog is abandoned and left to starve after the owner vacates an apartment and it ends up at local animal control the staff and volunteers will give it all the love it deserves but when it moves to the adoption floor she is just another furry little face. However put her story on the news and here come the adoption request by the truckloads. Got a story about a Pit Bull caring for a half blind Chihuahua? The request come in by literal tens of thousands. What happens to all those loving homes when they don’t get the famous dogs? “I’m sorry but you did not get the dog that was on the news but we have many more…. hello? hello?”

Most of the millions of dogs in the nation’s rescues, shelters and pounds do not have huge tragic stories. Most are just dogs. Just dogs whose worst crime was having a previous owner who did not take the time to teach them to coexist in our human world, just dogs who got old, just dogs who ran off. Every dog pulled from a pound has at least one story, the one about the day they were rescued. If you need to have a dog with a bigger story then make one up. Dogs are the best secret keepers.

Our dog Karma comes with one heck of a story. I’m not sure of the exact details (begin sappy Sarah McLaughlin song *here*). She was found running down the road dragging a chain that was padlocked to her. She has a BB embedded in her leg. She has monster sized anxiety that she struggles to overcome. We are her third, and final, family. I knew none of this when I pulled her. Well, except the anxiety part. I saw that she would not survive in that environment and brought her home. While her story is one that if properly marketed would get a lot of people wanting to rescue her it is not any more or less sad than that of the dog that had what would appear to be a great life. The dog that had a family, a big yard, kids, toys, everything except attention and leadership. The dog that now finds itself in the pound because “we just don’t have time for it” (yes, I have heard those exact words referring to a dog being surrendered: “it”). The story of the beagle that is surrendered because “she’s hard to walk” (yep, also real) is as heartbreaking to me as the Pit Bull that was rescued from a multi-state dog fighting ring. I have worked with both and at the end of the day each is simply a loving animal in need of a person. Dogs live in the now, they couldn’t care less what happened to us before we showed up at the pound. We should extend the same courtesy to them. The story that got you to the shelter is nowhere near as good as the one you could bring home!

 Shannon Duffy is the owner of Your Good Dog, a dog training company that services the Akron and surrounding areas. Shannon has always had a love of animals and discovered his passion for training while volunteering with shelter dogs. He volunteers with Pay it Forward for Pets, Summit County Animal Control, the HSUS on the Disaster Animal Recovery Team and One of a Kind Pets. The focus of his volunteer work is the evaluation and training of the dogs that are considered to be difficult. His training methods are fun and rewarding for the dogs, the clients and himself. At home he has an awesome dog named Karma who is a rescued Pit Bull that sometimes helps on training sessions.


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4 thoughts on “Karma

  1. “What is it about human nature that makes us want to attach ourselves to a tragedy”? A more profound question could not have been asked. The reality is is that we are as a species suckers for a good story. In the end, more should matter. Thank you for helping to bring it to our attention.

    • I truly believe it is a great thing among gregarious creatures that we endeavor to help the “underdog”. As a group, we see a wrong and desperately want to right it. Unfortunately, we tend to go for the most wronged, the most damaged, completely forgetting those “in-between” creature.

  2. Shannon, I wish you could do the training that families should have preadoption! The “stories would be the acception not the expected common place.
    All your dog’s are so fortunate to have you in their lives.
    Thanks again for all you do for forever families.

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