Standing MY Ground

I care not much for a man’s religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.

~Abraham Lincoln

Trig, Sarah Palin's dog, who apparently doubles as a step stool for her son.

Trig standing on Sarah Palin’s dog, Jill who apparently doubles as a step stool in the Palin family

I suppose I can justly insert “politics” in place of “religion” in Mr. Lincoln’s quote above, but this post isn’t about politics.  Yeah, sure, it was indeed a major political figure (Sarah Palin) who posted the picture of her son standing on the Palin family dog, Jill.  Now, I’m going to come out and say it:  I’m not a big fan of Sarah Palin. Her knowledge of dogs is summed up in one quote:

I love those hockey moms. You know what they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is? Lipstick.  - Sarah Palin

So obviously she knows nothing about pitties, or even dogs in general.

But rather than admit that her son had not been treating her dog humanely (and since her son is a minor, means blame falls squarely on the adults), she tried to defend her actions.  Or rather, deflect her actions, with this quote to PETA, after the animal rights organization called her out on the picture:

“Aren’t you the double-standard radicals always opposing Alaska’s Iditarod – the Last Great Race honoring dogs who are born to run in wide open spaces, while some of your pets ‘thrive’ in a concrete jungle where they’re allowed outdoors to breathe and pee maybe once a day?” she wrote. “Aren’t you the same herd that opposes our commercial fishing jobs, claiming I encourage slaying and consuming wild, organic healthy protein sources called ‘fish’? (I do.)”

I am the first to admit that I’m not necessarily the best parent on earth.  Yes, I have caught my kids in unsanctioned interactions with my animals.  When my daughter River was 3, she went through a phase where she’d pick up our cat upside-down and toddle through the house with the poor beast.  The thing is that River was corrected for that behavior.  I didn’t post a pic of the deed on Instagram, or share it on Facebook.  River was too young to realize that Echo could get hurt like that, or that she could get hurt if Echo felt he needed to escape the situation himself.  But ultimate blame falls on me, the parent, for not supervising my child when she was interacting with the cat.  Nobody’s perfect, but that doesn’t mean I can ignore the issue or deflect.

And that’s what Palin did.  Fishing rights have no bearing on a child standing on a dog.  The Iditarod has nothing to do with a house pet who is being used in this manner.  It has to do with the lowest-ranking member of a household not being protected, not having a voice to defend themselves.  I’m going to throw Sarah Palin’s own quote right back at her:

We need leaders who will stand up for the little guy and listen once again.  -  Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, that little guy is Jill.  And that leader should have been you.

Keep calm and pilot on

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4 thoughts on “Standing MY Ground

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  2. If Jill is indeed a service dog, my guess is the agency from whom the Palins got Jill should be giving them a call, toot suite!

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