It’s a Dog – Is The Concept of Purebreds Wrong

The more you find out about the world, the more opportunities there are to laugh at it.

 - Bill Nye

Brittany Graham Photography

Brittany Graham Photography

Phone call.  I just barely missed answering it (okay, I was busy eating raw cookie dough from the mixing bowl – priorities, ya know). Voicemail:

“Hi, my name is ____ and I’m looking for some help.  I just recently acquired a dog.  She’s a…well, ….dog.”

This person gets it.  She doesn’t have a “doodle”, nor a “GSD”, nor even a “mutt”.  She has a dog.  Her dog’s name might be Fifi or Rascal.  Her dog might love fetch and snuggles and long walks on the beach (along with chewing up the furniture).  That’s what her individual dog’s personality is (and yes, they do have different personalities).  However, Fifi/Rascal is still a dog, and that’s an incredible being who doesn’t need a specific breed to make it even *more* awesome!

After all, I’ve never made an appointment with a doctor and immediately pointed out that I’m half Slovak, and part Scottish and German.  Because I’m human, with a distinct personality.


Confession:  I’ve always had a pretty big crush on Bill Nye.  I mean, he’s smart, funny, and knows his way around a bow tie.  I think I can honestly call myself a Nye Girl.  Nye-list?  I kinda “a-Nye-hillated” that one, but I think you catch my point: I wouldn’t kick him out of the lab for eating crackers.
Hey Bill....I got my ion you

Hey Bill….I got my ion you

You can imagine how thrilled I was over this little tidbit of his that I recently discovered regarding dog breeds, and origins of dogs.  It’s a short little piece, but the concepts introduced, when you put it all together at the end, is pretty amazing.  I’ll admit, at first I wasn’t quite on board with what he was saying, but he tied it all up nicely with, well, a bowtie.

If you’re offended at the concept (or rather, revocation) of breeds, ask yourself, why?  Does Rover really need to be a AmStaff for your to love him the way you do? Is your little Bella any less precious if you think of her as a dog rather than a poodle?  Your dog isn’t less special if you eliminate the breed description and replace it with “dog”.  It makes them unique, with their own little personality, all packaged up in a big/little, fluffy/short-haired, being called dog.
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