Fun in the Snow



 Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood РAndy Goldsworthy

The Northeast got hit with Juno last week and we got lucky and minimal snow here in Cleveland. However, as of right now you probably have a ton of snow and some good old car cleaning to do. It’s cold and gross outside, so I know we’re all in desperate need of a good laugh. And we all know who provides those the best…

Porter clearly thinks he rules all he can see from this position

Porter clearly thinks he rules all he can see from this position

Dogs are hilarious. And seeing them in exciting new environments only makes the odds of them doing something hysterical tip in our favor. They enjoy the little things and take advantage of every opportunity to have fun there is. And they don’t care if they look silly or not. Okay, well maybe they do…because the sillier the better.

Here’s a video of some dogs that took advantage of the snow Juno brought them. And Bonus! The video right after is pretty adorable too.

Stay warm out there!

Keep calm and pilot on

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