Ode to Frankenmutt

In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do.

Gianni Versace



Corgi vs. Shepherd Imgur

I love all dogs.  I really do!  From the purebreds to the mongrels and the in between hybrids (pssst….you’re still mutts).  I love them all.  I love that when someone tells me they have a Golden, I know what to expect:  a warm fuzzy ball of “please pet me!!!”.  I love meeting new variations on the term “mutt”, and seeing who their personalities are and trying to guess at their lineage.

Above all, though, I love the Frankenmutts.  You know, the dogs who are obviously mixed breeds, but rather than a blend of say, Corgi and Shepherd, it looks as if a Shepherd head and coloration were merely plunked onto a Corgi body.  Someone forgot to knead the dough properly and smooth it out!  So here’s an ode to my favorite dogs off all.  The funniest-looking conglomeration of mutts ever:  Frankendogs!

Papillion vs. Cocker?  Imgur

Dachshund vs. Golden.  How is that even possible?  Imgur

Dachshund vs. Golden. How is that even possible? Imgur

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