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By now you’ve learned a lot about the PAW Method (Piloting, Activity and Work), which are the cornerstones to a healthy bond with your dog.  Pretty simple:  Activity = keep ‘em moving.  Work = keep ‘em thinking.  Piloting = keep ‘em, uh…well.

Piloting is the one that catches everyone up.  We’ve done lots of posts on Piloting. We’ve even dedicated a whole page to Piloting, but I think one image can pretty much sum it up for you.

No one's flying the plane!

No one’s flying the plane!

Dogs aren’t human.  They aren’t really domesticated – they can still survive in the wild.  Cows are domesticated.  Sheep are.  You set them free in the wilderness, they promptly go off an die.  They can’t survive on their own. We’ve dumbed almost all sense of self-preservation out of them.

Not dogs, though.  Obviously a dog is happier and healthier being cared for in a house.  But if you were stupid enough to set them “free” in the wild, they still have most, if not all of their instincts to survive in the wild. So, while there are indeed plenty of ways to die in the wild (starve, freeze, become prey), they are at least able to identify them and deal with them.  (Think about it: there are plenty of ways to die in Cleveland, Ohio.  You could get hit by a car, stick a fork in a light socket, die in a house fire…but at least we know how to deal with these issues and hopefully avoid them.)

So, dogs know how to be dogs.  They don’t know how to be humans.  Yet what do we do?  We put them in the cockpit and tell them to have at.  We ask them the questions, and they have to come up with the answers.  When they ask us questions (“Will this hurt me?”  “Can I eat that?’ Can I wander here?”) most people don’t even bother answering their dog’s questions.  And simply answering your dog’s questions is how you become Pilot.  Piloting is a big piggy bank – whomever has the most money wins!

Answer your dog’s questions.  And then you can truthfully state that yes, you do know how to fly this plane.

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