The Cure for What Ails You

‘Tis healthy to be sick sometimes.

Henry David Thoreau

I give up.  I ignored the stiffness in my joints for a full day, figuring I overdid it working out (nevermind that I don’t work out).  I attributed my growing sniffles to allergies.  Even the lethargy I figured it was from not sleeping well.  But now I concede:  I have the flu.  From the way it feels, I think it’s Ebola.

Maybe I should call in sick.

Maybe I should call in sick.

So, here we go.  Rescheduled my training sessions for the next few days. Grab my box of tissues, my NyQuil and The Two Towers, and am ready to call it quits. I’m hibernating. My kids are at school.  My husband will handle them for me while I recuperate. It’s just me.  All alone in this big house.  Depressing.I toss and turn for a few minutes, trying to get comfortable.

But then the door starts moving.  I hear the clack of claws on the floor, and the jingle of a collar.  I can tell it’s Orion by the tiny sounds of his feet.  He’s up on the bed, snuggled next to me.  Now I hear a crash and a scamper downstairs, heading up the steps.  I know it’s Sparta.  She doesn’t usually come upstairs, as she’s scared of the steps.  She gracefully ascends the steps like a giraffe on rollerblades.  She comes into my room and lays on the floor right next to the bed.  I lay my hand down over the side of the bed to rest on her back.  I snuggle in closer to Orion.

Do you know why the name “Fido” is synonymous with dogs?  Because it means “faithful” in Latin.  I know what will happen with these two:  they will stick by me until I’m ready to awake.  If I’m in bed for an hour, or 16 (as happened last time I had the flu), they will stick by me the entire time.  Sparta doesn’t even like being upstairs, but she’s there because she knows I could use the company.  Orion knows I’ll only end up rolling over on him at some point.  He’ll merely get up and move to another spot, still keeping his vigil.

People ask me what is my favorite thing about dogs. Hiking with them?  Love it, but no.  Wresting around with them?  High up on the list, but no.  What about teaching them new tricks?  A definite plus, but not quite.

My favorite thing is the pack.  Yes, I’m Pilot, but what’s a Pilot without a pack?  My pack is tight.  We watch each other’s back.  No questions asked.  No time limit.  It truly is in sickness and in health.  My favorite thing is probably the feeling that being pack brings: Safety. Security. Acceptance.  Companionship.

Pack is home.

Finally, I drift off to sleep.


Keep calm and pilot on

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