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Courage is knowing what not to fear.

- Plato

I received a desperate call from a client the other day.  His dog was aggressive.  The dog in question (King) had already bitten someone…rather badly.  I have since worked with King, and the transformation was immediate and complete.  They were merely lacking communication.  King had been asking his owners so many questions, but had never received answers.

Is the mail carrier a threat?

Do I have to defend the house from everyone who comes in?

Should I bite the neighbors?

And most importantly:

Will you protect me?

I have long maintained that there is no such thing as an “aggressive” dog.  Dogs that bite, yes, but dogs are never aggressive; they are defensive.  And that is a huge difference.  Dogs only react to the situations they are put in, and their perception of a situation might be completely different than yours.  While you may see your aunt like this:


Your dog may see your this type of “aunt”.

No Spoilers #handmaidstale

No Spoilers #handmaidstale

That’s why communication is important.  Learn how to communicate with your dog so you never have to worry about the word “aggressive” being associated with your dog. Read more here.

Oh, and King?  He’s doing fine.  I saw him today, where he met new people (without biting them! A first!!!) and went for his first walk in the park (without vacillating between cowering and lunging at people!).  In two hours, he went from terrified to trusting.  From foe to friend.  All because his owners were willing to listen to what he was trying to tell them.

If you are enduring aggressive behaviors from your dog, and are interested in making an appointment, learn more here.

Keep calm and pilot on

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