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Brittany Graham Photography

We travel to your house & provide one 2-hour training session. Over 95% of our clients have alleviated their dog’s behavioral issues with just the singe session! Check out our our 5-star rating and read some of the 100+ reviews here and here! Behaviors addressed during just one training session, include:

  • Jumping
  • Barking
  • Biting
  • Nipping
  • Puppy “Kindergarten”
  • Housebreaking
  • Leash Walking
  • Dog Reactivity
  • Anxiety
  • Aggression

Cost of the session is $200 in the Cleveland Metro Area, Cuyahoga County, West Side. We do indeed travel outside that area, but require an additional $50 travel fee.

After training, you are not left on your own. It is expected that you will have questions or concerns about progress, & we encourage you to contact us so we can discuss the progress being made.Porter_0030

If you are are interested in making an appointment with Darwin Dogs, we would love to work with you! Training sessions are usually scheduled for 10:00-12:00, 1:00-3:00 or 5:00-7:00 six days a week.  Give us a call to learn more or to book an appointment.   You can also set up your appointment or request information via email.

Main Line: 216-548-6905
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72 thoughts on “Make an appointment

  1. My boyfriend and I have a 1-year-old bulldog. we currently moved into our own apartment and he now has to be crate trained. We feed him in there and throw treats in there and does very good in the crate while we are there. But as soon as we leave even if he isn’t in his crate he just barks non stop. As of right now, he cannot be alone and we don’t know what to do, we have to rearrange our schedules just so he never is home alone.

    • Hi Victoria –
      I’m sorry to hear of the difficulties you are having with separation anxiety, and I know first hand how this can feel like it is ruling your life. I would love to help you with this situation, and I will be reaching out to you shortly via email to discuss training options. In the meantime, please give this article a read, as it discusses how to alleviate the issues involving separation anxiety.

  2. Our family has an 8 month old golden retriever who is our second one. She is very smart and a great dog 99 percent of the time. She lately has been resource guarding and has snapped at both my wife and I. I have been working with her and she will give things up, but continues to snarl to let you know she does not like it. Please let me know if you could help us. Our family consists of myself, my wife Tracey, and our two boys 9 and 10.
    thank you

  3. Hi I have a 3 year old English bulldog that I absolutely adore until I tell her no… She is typically a very sweet well behaved dog she loves other dogs and people. It’s only when she goes to do something bad and I try to correct her she immediately turns to aggression towards me. My boyfriend on the other hand has no aggression problems with her what so ever and when he’s around she immediately listens to him. Why is my dog lashing out at me it’s beginning to make me fearful she might actually bite me!?!?

    • Hi Brandy
      Your dog is exercising her perceived right to give you a negative, and you are correct, if left unchecked, could indeed result with you getting bit. I would strongly recommend setting up a training session to help you learn to Pilot your girl in a way that is safe for both of you. Please contact me at 216-548-6905 or to set up an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!

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  5. Hello! We have a loving mini Australian Shepherd and that has always received praises for how wonderful of a dog she is. She very affectionate and overall, has been a perfectly mannered dog. We thought we did a good job socializing her as a puppy, but as time goes on, she seems to be developing more and more aggression issues towards people she doesn’t know. It’s now embarrassing to take her for walks in the neighbor and is starting to make us worried when we have new people over our house. Please help!

    • Hi Tracey –
      She sounds like a simply lovely dog who has quite a bit of questions that haven’t been answered. Learn to start answering her questions (“Is that person going to kill us?” and “Should I make these intruders/guests leave?”) Give this link a read for information on how to Pilot your dog and answer her questions. Please give me a call at 216-548-6905 or an email at if you’d like to set up an appointment. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

  6. Hi! You were recommended to us by my brother. We are getting a puppy beginning of April will be 8 weeks old. Would you recommend having you come at that time or wait till pup is a little older? My brother said you guys were great just thinks maybe he should of waited till their dog was a little older. Thanks!

  7. I have a question about compatibility. We have two house dogs who are now approximately three years old and possibly six or seven years old. Both dogs get along with the house cat and all human members of the household. However, anytime they are together it turns into a death match. These two ladies fight terribly to the point of blood shed. They are fine when crated and their respective crates are even side by side so when they are both in for some reason they are right next to each other. They have been together for the past three years and it’s been the same from the beginning. The older dog came to us as an adult and the other was a puppy of about six months. Someone suggested spaying both of them which we did but that has had no impact on the fighting. Hate to have one crated all the time but not sure what else to do to get them to get along. HELP!!

    • Hi Bonnie –

      I’m sorry to hear of the issues you are having. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for a situation like this. I would strongly recommend seeking out help from a professional. In the meantime, learn how to Pilot your dog, and answer their questions, “Can we fight?”. For an overview of what this entails, give this link a read.

  8. Hi,

    I have an almost two-year old American Bulldog who is pretty well behaved overall. She does well with commands and is very loving. The issue comes into play with people/animals/things she is unfamiliar with. She becomes incredibly scared/anxious on walks with even walking past another person, and it can escalate to aggression especially if they have a dog. Is this something you specialize in or have some tips on how to make her more comfortable with meeting new people? Thanks!


    • Hi Jon –
      I do indeed have a great deal of experience with this situation (two of my sessions today included just such issues). I will send you an email with more details with regard to setting up a session. I look forward to working with you to help alleviate her anxiety.

  9. I have a 12 week old puppy my friend gifted me with that is very frustrating. Our Basset hound who’s is 8 is great with him the puppy. The puppy is very active and is hard to train with the other dog around. A neutral environment is needed.

  10. Hello. We have 2 Havenese puppies that are both around 8 months old from different litters. We got them in Fl. and live in a highrise there in the winter months so we pad trained them and are now trying to transition them to potty outside and it’s not working. Need help with simple commands and housebreaking. I am available during the day on most days.
    Thank you, Kristi Janosek
    Rocky River,OH

  11. Hello!

    I have a 2 year old mini Australian Shepherd named Rory. We are relocating from Columbus to the Lakewood area. I would like to help ease her transition into her new environment, as well as, address some of the anxious behaviors (barking when someone new comes into our home, getting distracted and barking at other dogs on walks, etc.) you mentioned in your website articles. I’m really looking for her to gain confidence so she can enjoy her new home and surrounding area. Your philosophy seems like it would be a perfect fit for our little family :-)

  12. Hi! We have a 4 year old Siberian husky. He is very aggressive. He is cage, food, and has bitten me three times. We have 4 kids and he hasn’t bitten them yet but I’m getting scared that he might. My husband and I work. I work late night and he works days. So I really desperately am in need of help for him.

  13. i have 3 smaller dogs who needs some help. We are due with our 5th child in october and we need them to be trained for barking, anxiety/whining and our youngest dog with housetraining.

  14. Hi there I have a 10 week old boxer and Norwegian elk hound mix named Gio living in an apartment in downtown Cleveland. He is full of energy, but needs help with puppy training!

  15. Hi! My name is Olivia and I have an 11 week old chocolate lab. He is a really sweet dog and is learning sit, stay, lay down well but the biting is getting out of control! We have been reading and trying all of the tips to get him to stop but it is getting to the point where he is hurting me and if I try to leave the situation he will chase me and bite worse! My husband isn’t having this issue as much as I am but I was wondering if this sounds like something you would be able to help us with? Looking forward to hearing from you!


  16. I have a pitbull ,1yr very playful.My husband is blind and we’re like to havehim trained for protection if someone was trying to hurt him,to say a special word

    • Unfortunately, I do not provide such services, as I’ve never thought them necessary. A dog will naturally protect your husband if the situation arises. It sounds to me as if you are requesting an attack dog, essentially a gun, to use upon people. I find that reprehensible, and will never train a dog to be used as a weapon.

  17. Hi,
    I recently adopted a beagle mix puppy for my daughter and I. We named her Lucy. She is approx. 12 weeks old and though she is lovable and smart and everything we hoped for. She is also seeming to be very stubborn on being housebroken and understanding what she can and cannot chew on. I havent had a puppy in at least 20 years and we have been trying the treats for good behavior method but i feel like we take a step forward them 5 steps backwards. We are in the Medina area.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Jennifer –

      I would love to help you out! I’m sure we can help answer her questions about chewing and potty issues. I will be sending you an email shortly. I look forward to speaking with you!


  18. My dog, he is three years old. He is a terrier Doberman hound mix and is very aggressive. He is food aggressive, puke aggressive and gets into things he knows he shouldn’t. I have no idea what I should do. I’m reaching out, because at this point me and my boyfriend have a one year old child coming around. I can’t risk him hurting her.

  19. My husband and I adopted a 3 years old jack russell mix on December 30, 2017. She has become very attached and over protective of me to the point where whenever my husband walks by me she lunges at him, growls or barks at him. Is this something your training classes can help her get over? I would really hate to give her away but I don’t know how to fix her and my husbands relationship. Thank you very much

    • Hi Heather –

      This is indeed something that can be addressed to help everyone get over her behavior, which I call “Lap Shark”. Give me a call or an email at your convenience, and I will gladly help you sort this out.

  20. My husband and I have 2 goldendoodles. Our first is 2 and he was very easy to potty train; we did crate training for him. Our younger one Bailey who is 7 months now always poops in her crate. Now matter how many times we take her outside she will do both. I believe she understand she is suppose to go to the bathroom outside (she wakes us up to do it in the middle of the night most of the times) but I also believe she thinks it is okay to do it in her crate as well. Hoping there is a simple fix to this because we have to bath her and clean her crate on a dailey basis. Thanks!

    • Hi Melissa –

      I’m sorry to hear that you are having these issues It sounds pretty…well, revolting ;)

      Please give this blog post a read to get a better idea why she’s behaving like this, as well as steps to work through this behavior. And remember, you can always set up an appointment for a training session if you are local to the Cleveland area. Good luck!

  21. I just recently got a chocolate lab he is 10 weeks this Saturday1/27/18 his name is Charlie…and was wondering if it’s too soon to do this? He’s biting a lot and barking at us aggressively?? And we are taking him out constantly he is going but comes in and goes in the house?? Just pees? Hopefully you can help!! My phone ios 216-513-XXXX ! Hope to hear from you soon!!

    Kellie Wilburn

  22. Hi Kerry,

    I have a 5 month old Goldendoodle named Bailey. She is very sweet but could use some obedience lessons. She jumps on everyone, I have tried pushing her down and saying no as well as ignoring her until she is calm and seated. She also needs some leash lessons, at almost 55 lbs. she is dragging everyone around and tripping us as well herself. Another area I really need assistance with is her potty breaks. We have had difficulty with house breaking her. We found out she had had an infection. That went away and now she has crystals in her urine with potential stones. The medicated food has helped and she hasn’t been peeing in the house but she is pooping. I ask her if she wants to go out of a regular basis, every 20 minutes or so but I am still finding deposits from time to time. We have had a bell on our door for the last 3 months but can’t seem to get her to use it consistently. She also does not bark or whine when she needs to go out. I was hoping you might be able to help us teach her to notify us when she needs out. Please let me know if you are able to help with our issues and when we could schedule a session.

    Thank you!

    Brandy Coughenour

  23. Hi Kerry. I’m Brad. I have a one year old tomorrow English Mastiff. He is a very sweet dog, but he has no manners at all! He doesn’t listen to me and I can’t have people over because he goes completely crazy and jumps all over them. Can you help me?

  24. Have a 12 week old black lab adorable wild girl named daisy! Who is absolutely so loving but so crazy as well!! We live in Cuyahoga Falls wondering if this is considered in your area? Would love to set up a session if so!

  25. I love your style and wish we could work with you. We live in Olympia WA Do you know anyone in this area that uses this method and philosophy for dog teaching?
    Thank you,
    Tony & Iva

    • Thank you so much for your kind words!

      Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with your area, let alone dog trainers who use similar methods. However, I have designed my website to be user-friendly and to help anyone, anywhere, with behavior issues with their dog. I would strongly suggest perusing the site a little bit more. I do not hold back any knowledge no experience, as everything is written out on my page. What kind of issues are you having specifically? Perhaps I can help a little from here.

  26. I have a two year old French Bulldog he is adorable and adorably misbehaved. I have always felt so bad for him because the Breeder gave us a puppy with Parvo who almost died. So with all that said… he does whatever …. lately just started peeing on the sofa I’m ready to scream my husband is ready to ask him to leave … we also have an extremely well behaved 11 yr old labradoodle. I need help!!! Thank you

  27. Hi! We are adopting a puppy at the end of January/early February. When do you suggest initial puppy training? Do you offer puppy training?
    Thank you!

  28. We have a 17 week old golden retriever named Farley who is doing quite well but has some behaviors we would like to get a handle on. We are hoping that he will follow our previous golden to be a therapy dog. So, it is important that he not jump on people (he loves everyone and wants to meet everyone, but jumps). This is a particular concern because we babysit our 2 year old grandchild regularly and she is afraid of Farley. It is also important that he not grab things and currently he is essentially a vacuum cleaner for plastic and paper. We would like to eventually be able to put our wastebaskets back on the floor and put toilet paper on the holder. Finally, walking on a loose leash is something we are working on. He is doing better unless he sees a person who he just as to meet (see above). In general he is friendly and does not have much of a problem with accidents in the house.

    If you could contact us either by e mail or tell us a good time to call.


    Roy and Joanne

  29. I have a 3 month old German Shepard/Boxer mix male who is having separation anxiety issues. He is ok with going in his crate, but starts crying, whining and barking as soon as we leave. He is doing very well with potty training, but will have accidents in his crate while we are gone. He is doing well with sit, down, giving paw .. We are also in need of some training between him and our two other dogs. One is a 9 yo male Beagle and the other is

    • (sorry got cut off there) a 10 yo Female Border Collie. They are doing ok, but the Beagle is still being aggressive at times with him and it is scaring us. We love them all, and just want to find a way for them to all be ok with each other. Help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

      • Hi Derek –
        I’m sorry you’re having problems with all of this…it sounds like you have quite the handful over there!

        To start with, I would strongly recommend reading this post, which is the basics on how to Pilot your dogs. Your dogs are all asking questions, and right now, nobody is answering their questions. The article I linked can give you a good start on how to Pilot your dogs

        However, due to the extreme cases you are dealing with, I would strongly recommend making an appointment. Please feel free to contact me at to set up your appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!


  30. looking for dna study from science news article. i’ve had mine done with 23&me. now for the dog. a treeing walker coonhound, pure bred hunting strain.i don’t hunt.

    • Hi there!

      I think you mistakenly arrived at the wrong site. You are on The site you are looking for is (it’s plural “Darwins”). It’s an amazing thing they are trying to accomplish and I am participating as well! Good luck with your DNA test!


  31. I’m looking for help to eliminate leash reactivity. I have two pits, 4 yrs. and 2 yrs. old.

    I live in Medina (I understand there is an additional travel charge).

    Can you help?

  32. We have 4 dogs, a 7 year old male pug, 7 year old male chinese crested, 5 year old female rescue( that we have had for 2 years). Lastly a 5 month old male douberman.
    We need help on walks and how to handle our douberman, he is too rough with the other dogs, they are hiding under furniture from him. The douberman also counter surfs.

  33. Hi there! I’m looking for dog training for my almost 11 week old puppy. So far, he can sit, lay down, shake, but I am having trouble leash training him and lately hes been waiting until he comes inside to poop. I was wondering what your cost is and some information on your training. Thanks!!

  34. Hi – left you an email awhile back and either missed a reply or you didn’t see my email. I live in Lakewood and have 2 small dogs (a Cairn Terrier and a Chihuahua), plus an occasional foster dog. Would love some help with making walks more enjoyable and potty accidents. Thanks!

    • Hi Diane – I apologize about our missed connection, but I’m so happy you reached out again! Please give us a call or email, and let’s discuss the nature of what’s happening. Our main number is 216-548-6905, and our email is I’m looking forward to speaking with you!


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