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But in every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks – John Muir

Here’s your challenge: Take a good look at your dog. Pretend that you haven’t seen him in 6 months and look him over. Probably 2 ears, 4 paws, a tail, and possibly some puppy dog eyes. But how about that mid-section. Does your dog possibly look a little thicker around the middle than he did 6 months ago? It’s possible and quite honestly, it’s probable.

Winter creates so many issues when it comes to ensuring we’re giving our dogs the amount of Activity they need. One of those issues is that your dog may have gained a few extra lbs over the winter. I mean, who hasn’t? However, having an overweight dog is a serious issue. It can be hazardous to their health and eventually affect life spans. So, guess what… it’s time to get out there and help your dog lose that extra winter weight!

Here are 3 ways you can help your dog get lean again:

Brittany Graham Photography

Brittany Graham Photography

#1. Find some adventurous trails!

We live in the land of the CLE, which means we have the most amazing tool to help our pups lose that weight right in our backyard. The Metroparks are a great destination to get out there and get some walks in. The options are endless as to what park to go to and the scenery is gorgeous. Especially this time of year, as spring has begun and new flowers and buds are popping up everywhere.

Take some time and find a new park to visit! This will keep you and your pup interested and have an extra spring in your step. The key is to stay motivated to get out there. So new adventures can help keep the boredom at bay.

Brittany Graham Photography

Brittany Graham Photography

#2. Substitute for some Veggies

Another option to help trim your pup down is to substitute his usual treats with healthy ones. Instead of handing out the bones, take some time to figure out what else motivates and interests your dog. Use veggies as a treat. Try giving your dog carrots, radishes or frozen green beans. You can always see if your dog likes ice cubes as well! It’s a good treat that they’ll love with no calories.

Brittany Graham Photography

Brittany Graham Photography

#3. Change your routine!

Start a new routine! In addition to your daily walks, how about in the morning or when you get back from work you work on the “over” command with your dog. If you have that down, have your dog jump over a broomstick, yardstick, or a box 10 times. Start a small change in your routine that will help your dog’s activity level increase and help your bonding time!

Any steps that you can take to help your dog burn a few more calories will not only help his weight but also will help your dog feel more balanced and take care of the Activity part of the PAW method that your dog needs.

So, get outside and get creative! And get your four legged friend back to the lean and happy dog that they should be.

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