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  • In minutes, Kerry had our two doggie delinquents on the road to rehabilitation! She quieted their insane barking at visitors at the door, and patiently instructed us how to achieve the same results. She diagnosed our little dachshund Mike’s growling and biting, and knowing that the behavior was a fear response rather than aggression has made it easier for us to solve the problem.Kerry also taught us how to walk them on the leash, rather than them walking us – or more to the point – them pulling us down the street. As we suspected, it was not so much a case of bad dogs as it was the dogs’ OWNERS that needed to be trained! Kerry’s GREAT! – Chris W.
  • Kerry is terrific in what she does. I highly recommend her to people who want to care for their dogs with dignity and love. – Shane S.
  • Kerry did a great job. She immediately assessed the problem when she walked in the door. She showed us how to master the walk, how to take control of the door when the doorbell rings, how to address unwanted behavior and it has really helped! Plus, Kerry had a great sense of humor! Highly recommend! – Kevin M.
  • Darwin dogs training was great. Kerry (the trainer) gave advice and instruction on how to hangs my behavior to get the results I was looking for. My dog and I are definitely on our new road to success. I highly recommend Darwin Dogs training! – Brendon D.

16 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. We had an absolutely positive experience with Kerry and Darwin Dogs. She was able to captivate our entire family (kids and dogs) so that we made the very most of our two hour training session. She made the session fun for the whole family too. Do not waste your money with other dog trainers. Kerry and Darwin Dogs is definitely the way to go!

  2. Kerry is wonderful! The minute she walked through our door she had all three of my dogs under control! She provided us with the tools we needed to continue the training after she left. She only left an hour ago and my dogs are already showing great improvement and the best part is we are finally doing the right things to bring out the greatness in our dogs because she has shown us the right way!! I would recommend Kerry to anyone!

    • Thank you Shannon! I had a blast with your crew; all of them perfect in their own way. Please be sure to contact me with your questions. I’m looking forward to hearing of your progress! And remember, Keep Calm and Pilot On!

  3. Kerry, I can not thank you enough for all of your guidance today. Even in the 10 hours that has passed since you left, we see a difference in our dogs. The training you gave us has already helped and will continue to get better . My 9 year old daughter is even doing a good job with simba, Sasha and Romeo. Thank you for everything.

    • Thank you so much for sharing them with me, and for the positive review! I truly enjoyed my time with you and your family (as I’m sure you could tell!), and I’m looking forward to updates as to their progress.

  4. We contacted Darwin Dogs in our desperate attempt to learn how to deal with a 6 month old Pit we rescued – we already had a dog who was essentially a couch potato and about 14…and 2 cats…so taking on a “puppy” who had never been trained and spent most of her life in a crate was an unexpected challenge……we were very impressed that without ever saying a word to Xena Kerry had her sitting and being calm within 20 minutes. She gave us a great foundation to work with – and now it’s up to us…..we’ve bought some of the enrichment toys Kerry recommended and they’ve been an immense help. Thanks to Darwin Dogs we’ve learned how to better handle our toddler/teenager on crack! Kerry has been great with follow up suggestions when we’ve had issues and even checked in on us – which we really appreciate. While we sometimes fall back we at least know how to pick it all up and try again – thanks Kerry and Darwin Dogs for helping save our sanity!

    • Thank you so much! Truth is, Janet, you are an amazing dog owner, and you and your husband were so incredibly dedicated, it’s not too difficult to think of you as some of my favorite clients. You ask amazingly intelligent questions, and realize that the fault isn’t with Xena, nor with you, but the fact that you are two different species working together towards communication. I truly enjoy speaking with you and hearing your updates, as you are doing an incredible job with a terribly difficult situation. Keep calm and Pilot on ;)

  5. Wanted to do some reviews for Darwin Dogs because even though its only been a few days since our training we already feel calmer and happier with our dog! Zoey is a almost 6 year old pug who is over the top energetic (to put it nicely) and Kerry taught us how to work with her. We plan to do our best to keep up with it because I know it will make a difference for Zoey and us! Thanks again Kerry! :)

  6. Funny how you have no problem protesting ”Pummy Mills” but seem to sqeak a profit from “training dogs ” I taste a sense of some personal vendetta here.

    • Hi Jason. Thank you for your response. Just to understand you, I’m assuming you meant “Puppy Mills”, right ;) I’m also gong to assume you’re referring to my protest against a local puppy mill broker, Tom Collins of Pick of the Litter in Strongsville, Ohio.

      The answer is that I will always protest against puppy mills. I am against animal abuse and torture. I am against the cruelty that puppy mills and brokers deal in. I am against the non-stop shipments of puppies into pet stores, while thousands of shelter dogs die every day due to a lack of home.

      Perhaps you do indeed “taste a sense of” something personal about this. Maybe it’s because as a dog owner and a champion of rescue dogs, I indeed have a personal stake in this: the lives of our animals.

  7. Danika came to our house yesterday to work with us and our almost 4 month old goldendoodle, Murphy. And can I just tell you how WONDERFUL she was! While we are very lucky with our pretty well behaved pup, there were still some things we needed guidance on. Danika was so patient with us and our Murphy. She really took the time to explain things to all of us and worked with all of us so well. Just 24 hours later, we have noticed a difference and are better able to manage those pesky puppy behaviors that were bothering us :) Thank you so much, Danika! We really appreciate everything!
    -Tom and Liz Blue

  8. We contacted Darwin Dogs because we needed some guidance in dealing with our very LARGE 14 week old Alaskan Malamute puppy, Valhalla. Danika came to work with us, and she was wonderful. Our session was different from what I was expecting, but in a very positive way. Instead of just practicing common commands, we talked all about dogs and how they think and why they behave the way they do, and most importantly (to me) how to use our body language and energy to help shape behavior. She taught us some techniques to deal with the things that were driving us crazy (nipping, jumping, etc.), which will definitely make it easier to wait out puppyhood. I also very much appreciated Danika’s balanced view of dogs in general – to love and care for them but to keep in mind that they are in fact dogs, not humans with fur, and to respect and work with their needs and instincts. I’m looking forward to practicing the techniques we learned and I know they will be instrumental in fostering a loving and happy relationship between Val and our family. Thanks so much!

  9. Kerry,
    In just the 2 hours you spent this morning, I was amazed by how calm Mac became. I really learned so much from you and how to be a better “human” for Mac to respect and feel confident in. After you left, I used your techniques to enjoy one of the most peaceful lunches on my couch and I only had to stand up to Mac twice. I already bought the Kong Wobbler too. I have to video Mac playing with it. What a riot! Your knowledge and training has already made a difference in our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  10. Darwin’s dog training was very good. We learned so much about ourselves and how we need to be with Laddu, our dog. Kerry was very good with Laddu and with us. We are excited to use her methods with Laddu and hope to have much success with him. Thank you Kerry.

    • Savita –

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I was truly blessed to work with you and your family. I have never seen such dedication to a dog! A true lesson in dog ownership that many families should learn from. I’m looking forward to updates from you and Laddu!


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