Stop the Comparisons – Focusing on YOUR Dog

Boots & Bee Photography by Brittany Graham

Boots & Bee Photography by Brittany Graham

Comparison is an act of violence against the self – Iyanla Vanzant

There are some times when I find myself wondering what could have been.

What would it be like to be able to bring my dog to a crowded place and not have to be Piloting every minute?

What would it feel like to go for a hike and not take the first 5-10 minutes finding rocks or logs to have Porter jump over, just to wear out some energy?

How much less stressful would it be if I didn’t have to wonder about what each meal time will bring? Will there be any growling?

What would it be like to not have to make sure that squirrels and small little animals aren’t chased?

These thoughts run through my head sometimes. Not all the time, but every once in a while I’ll find myself wondering what it would be like to have a dog without some of the personality quirks that Porter has. But then I wonder…

Boots & Bee Photography by Brittany Graham

Boots & Bee Photography by Brittany Graham

Would that dog still love to sleep as much as Porter?

Would he be as calm in the house no matter how little activity he’s received that day?

Would another dog road trip as easily?

How about the fact that another dog wouldn’t be Porter?

Comparison is one of those things, that no matter what aspect of life you let it into, it never ends well. There’s no use comparing your dog with another.
Here’s the deal. You have a dog who could use improvement on, let’s say, jumping and walking. So, you work on those issues. Maybe your dog won’t ever be a therapy dog, but that’s okay. You’ll improve on the jumping and the walking. Maybe you won’t be able to visit any extremely crowded places, but visits to the park or trails won’t be as daunting as they once seemed.

Boots & Bee Photography by Brittany Graham

Boots & Bee Photography by Brittany Graham

That dog you see that walks perfectly on the path? Well, you can bet their owners have worked on that along with other nuances their dog might have.

No dog is perfect. But every dog is perfect for their owners. Try and take some time to notice the little things that you love about your dog when you start to compare. And take mental notes of those areas you wish your dog was better in. Then take some time to work on those issues. Don’t expect improvement immediately. It may be a slow process, but while you’re working on those items, you’ll find even more appreciation for your dog and the bond you have.

Remember, your dog is perfect for you. Just take some time to pay attention to the lessons that they’re teaching you.

Keep calm and pilot on

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4 thoughts on “Stop the Comparisons – Focusing on YOUR Dog

  1. When we lose a dog, it is not the annoyances that I think of but the joys. I miss the little body snuggling close to me at night and they way they run through the snow – and anything else. I do not think of the messes I had to clean up – of any sort or the behavior problems. That is why I just get another for the joy.

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