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Last, I would like to thank the dogs, not just the Vick pack, but all of them, simply for being dogs, which is to say, tolerant and perseverant; willing to connect with a world that does not always return their affection; and proving, time and again, that life, while messy, difficult and imperfect, has the capacity to exceed our expectations and feed our undying hope – Jim Gorant, author of The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption

From our Pittie Parade last March! - Brittany Graham Photography

From our Pittie Parade last March!
- Brittany Graham Photography

They’re some of the most famous dogs. If anyone mentions “The Michael Vick Dogs”, you know who they’re talking about. Yes, they had a terrible past. The things they went through were disgusting, horrid, and exemplify the worst in humans. However, when they were rescued, they had a whole new set of challenges.

Any pit bull out there is an ambassador for their breed. However, these dogs were in the spotlight. Of course, they didn’t feel the pressure, they didn’t know. They were just dogs. They had gone through traumatic and terrifying experiences and now they had to learn to trust humans again. Everyone working with them, the rescuers, the volunteers, the donaters, the pit bull community, felt the pressure. And all we could do was sit, wait, give them time and love, and hope they would get a chance to just be dogs again.


If you are looking for something to read, The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant is one of the most powerful, difficult, and well written books out there. It starts at the beginning¬† of their lives, some passages are painful to read, you’ll cry. There’s no way around that. But then there’s the rescuing, the success, and the love these dogs give and receive.

To see these dogs have a second chance at life is amazing. This article followed up on these amazing dogs and gives a glimpse into their beautiful lives and beautiful hearts. Take a minute and smile at these success stories.

Some more Pittie lovers from our Parade -Brittany Graham Photography

Some more Pittie lovers from our Parade
-Brittany Graham Photography

Whether you’re a pit bull fan or not, it shouldn’t matter. These dogs were able to overcome great odds. They were able to show the world what a dog’s heart is made of. Only gold and love. It’s a testament to anyone in the rescue world,including volunteers, fosters and adopters.

And if you are a pit bull fan…. well, it’s just one more instance where they’ve shown the world what they’re made of. Exactly what every other dog is made of, gold and love. Nothing less.

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