Working with Stay and Come

 Photo: @samuelthomps0n

Photo: @samuelthomps0n

Miscommunication is the entire reason I have a career training dogs.  Most people don’t even understand how to effectively communicate with each other (in the same language!) but somehow believe that their dog is able to comprehend what they say. The biggest challenge always seems to be with the “stay” command and the “come” or “recall” command. Everyone seems to get it confused, thereby frustrating themselves and their dogs.

So if you’re having problems teaching your dog the basic commands (sit, stay, come, and an “off” or “leave it” command), take a deep breath, and realize that your dog isn’t being stubborn.  They aren’t being difficult.  They are being a dog. Grab a nice glass of wine, take a moment to relax, and then start over.  Because stubbornness is just determination in an opposite direction. Try starting by communicating more effectively with your dog.

- For details about how to teach your dog the “come” command, check out this link.

- Problems with the “stay” command?  Try giving this link a read.

- Feeling as if you need help just communicating with your dog in general?  Give this link a read and learn how to Pilot your dog.

Keep calm and pilot on

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