“There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.”  – Abraham Lincoln

I recently went to a wedding where they had this great photo booth set up. The pictures came out amazing. It was funny to see how people just kind of let loose in a photo booth. No inhibitions. No perfect pose. Just simple goofing around and having fun.

When I found out that a photographer had chosen 12 rescue dogs to put in a photo booth I could not click on the link fast enough. Dogs are hilarious. We know that. They’re goofballs. Even the ones that try and pretend their stoic and mature do things that just make us laugh.

 - The Humane Society of Utah

– The Humane Society of Utah

Quite simply, dogs are. They just are. They are themselves completely and absolutely. We may pose our dogs in certain ways, and of course in many pictures of adoptable dogs their posed by cats or on a couch to show the personalities of the dogs. However, I feel as though these pictures this photographer was able to capture in the photo booth are exactly who these dogs are.

So, click here to enjoy some pictures that capture who these adoptable dogs are and feel free to laugh. This might be a great new tactic for rescues around the country.

Keep calm and pilot on

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