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I stumbled across a beautiful thing today.  An all-white puppy.  Beautiful little girl named Pegasus.  She had been rescued from an irresponsible breeder.  All the other puppies in her litter died. She was not expected to live very long either.  So the man who rescued her did a beautiful thing.  But we’ll get to that in a moment.

That beautiful white coat?  It’s the result of homozygous merle allele.

200 (5)It’s the gene that causes the merle coat (that marble-ish looking coat that breeds such as Aussies and Great Danes sometimes have).  It’s a dominant gene, meaning you only need one out of two genes to be merle.  

No, not THAT Merle

No, not that Merle.



That’s the one we’re talking about.  You see that double capital “M”?  That’s a bad thing.  A very bad thing, actually.  It’s responsible for for puppies with the double “M” to be deaf and blind.  Breeding two merles together is the epitome of irresponsible breeding.  It just isn’t done.  It’s a backyard breeding/puppy mill type practice.

So back to Pegasus.  Her double merle, combined with other health issues, led everyone to believe she wouldn’t be around long.  Her litter mates had all died.  So her new owner, Dave Meinert, decided to document her growing up.  In his words:

When I rescued Pegasus, I was told she wouldn’t live too long so I set about filming her every day…
This is an uplifting time-lapse filmed over 6 months about the life of my great dane puppy.

The result is beauty out of the ashes.

The Pegasus Project from Dave Meinert on Vimeo.

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