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If simple things amuses simple minds, image how wonderfully simple it could be to be happy.    – Me


I’m having a bad morning.  I’m out of coffee.  My son just informed me that he forgot to do his math homework last night, so I’m sitting here trying to figure out 4th grade math with him.  My daughter is crying because….?

Ugh.  Life sucks.

Orion is following me around like a shadow.  I trip over him.  I dub him with a few new names.  Sparta is hiding out in her room until another dog has the audacity to walk by the front yard.  She’s barking at the window full force.  I give her a negative signal, but she’s not having any of it.  She makes me get up and use my body languageWho invented dogs anyway? 

I’m going through my emails for the morning while trying to figure out Core Curriculum with my son (uh….?).  Someone has sent me a link, and out of character for me, I open it and am suddenly having a good day.  You will, too.

I’ve forgotten one of my basic mantras:  “If simple things amuses simple minds, image how wonderfully simple it could be to be happy.”  I’m focusing on the big things and forgetting the small things, and the small things make up the biggest thing in the world:  life.

So far I’ve had a 4 minor catastrophes this morning: Eric forgetting his math homework (he’s done now).  River is crying (she lost her favorite stuffed animal in her bedsheets – found).  Sparta barked out the window in her defense, the dog was on a retractable and almost to our doorstep). I tripped over Orion (but he forgave me instantly for the names I called him).

My kids are usually wonderfully easy and well behaved.  The same can be said for my dogs.  Everyone is allowed a slip-up, and my gang just had their slip-ups all at once.  Big deal.  As Elsa would say, Let It Go.  So many phone calls I get from my clients start with frantic speech:  “We were doing so well but yesterday Fido slipped up and lunged at another dog again he hasn’t done that in months are we regressing I thought we had this handled but OMG I was so worried he’s back to his old ways isn’t he?!!!!”  I always have them step back and look at what just happened:  Your dog, who couldn’t even see a dog on TV before without going berserk, barked and lunged while on a walk…  At another dog on a retractable coming right up to them.  You Piloted your dog out of the situation, and now the situation is under control.  You did it.  Your self confidence is shaken, that’s all.  You’re looking at the here and now and assuming this is forever (like I did this morning).

The moment has passed.  You’ll get your self confidence back (but fake it until you make it).  Remember, we’re only looking for progress, not perfection.  You’ve helped your dog be who they are supposed to be.  You know how to answer your dog’s questions now.  It’s a forever job, but the questions are no longer asked with such urgency.  You’ve done it, and you’ll continue to do it.  Slip ups are there to remind us how far we’ve come.

Life is good. It’s all about how I choose to look at it.  As the dog in the video figured out, either you can complain about getting wet, or revel while dancing in the rain.

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