Trusting other Pilots

Boots and Bee Photography by Brittany Graham

Boots and Bee Photography by Brittany Graham

 The best time to make friends is before you need them – Ethel Barrymore

This break Porter is staying with friends who have 3 border collies. We’ll call these owners the BC Duo (Border Collie Duo if you will). They are amazing Pilots. Honestly, much better and much less lazy than I am with Porter. I mean let’s face it, they have 3 border collies and were still willing to watch another dog. That means they’re a little crazy but also very good at dealing with dogs and providing the PAW that every dog needs.

Finding another individual who is a strong Pilot for their dog’s and yours is a gift. Those are individuals that you should probably buy a bottle of wine for every so often just to stay friends. Because guess what?  It’s going to be easier for someone else to Pilot your dog than it is for you. Yup, it’s true.

Porter with his Border Collie bestie James Franco

Porter with his Border Collie bestie James Franco


Here’s why:

-          Another individual doesn’t have a history with your dog like you do. Another Pilot didn’t see how cute he was when you brought him home for the first time from the shelter and felt how good a bed could feel.

-          A different Pilot didn’t just give him 478 days of love and affection. Sure, you threw Piloting in there too, but there was lots of love and affection as well.

-          Someone new to the situation doesn’t remember that one time your dog growled at you when you took away that one bone, so they won’t get nervous subconsciously when they go to take away something else. Will they be aware and smart about it? Yes. But their body language will be more confident and calm then you will be.

-          A new Pilot sees your dog as another dog. It’s not their baby, it’s not their only furry cuddly thing in the house. It’s another dog that they will be able to handle and take care of.

As you can see, there’s much less emotional baggage with a new Pilot. They are easily able to put more money into their Piloting piggy bank than you are.

A great example is when we show up at a new session. By taking your dog for a walk immediately, making the dog respect our own personal space and not giving out tons of love and affection we are instantly able to put a huge deposit in our Piloting bank. Another individual who has the skills of a great Pilot can do the same thing! It’s not just a certain kind of magic Kerry and I possess, contrary to what we’ll make you believe.

Boots and Bee Photography by Brittany Graham

Boots and Bee Photography by Brittany Graham

So, sure, your dog might act up and be a jerk for a little while he’s figuring out the new rules and the new routines. But their new Pilot for the next few days will be able to handle it just fine. In fact, probably better than you are.

Porter has never been around cats. He’ll be around cats for the next 9 days. Quite honestly, The BC Duo will be able to handle that situation better than I will be. Why? Because there’s less emotional baggage. Because at the end of the day, they’ll be able to get more money in their Piloting piggy bank quicker than I would be able to.

Porter will probably be a jerk face for a few days. He’ll need to figure out his new routine. But he’ll have some great Pilots getting him there.

So never underestimate the power of a new Pilot in your dog’s life. If you’re having a tough day see if a friend who you feel has the same outlook as you will take them for a walk or plan a doggy play date. You’ll feel like you’re not in it alone and your dog will get the Piloting he needs if you’re facing a stressful week.

Or, you know, drop your dog off at your friend’s house and say: What’s one more right?

Keep calm and pilot on

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Darwin Dogs, LLC
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