Goodbye, Shirley

Dr. Shirley Sara Koshi

  There are a lot of people in the animal rights movement who can be very passionate and aggressive, and I applaud people’s passion, but when people are judgmental and aggressive, all you end up doing is getting other people to turn away in irritation. To change people’s minds, you have to respect the people you’re talking to.

  – Moby

I read this blog post yesterday, and yes, it’s lengthy, but I feel almost a mandatory read for anyone working in animal rescue, animal care/welfare or just even a pet owner. I feel for Shirley.  She didn’t deserve what happened to her.  I find it incredibly ironic that humans can claim they are “in it for the animals”, but forget an important one:  other humans.  I don’t know of a single person who decides to become a vet for the money (it ain’t there), power (yeah, right) or glamour (scrubs anyone?); they become one because they want to help animals.

Please give it a read:  Murder by Internet.  Goodybe, Shirley.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye, Shirley

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  2. I think the vets at our clinic are saints! It is easier for me to find a doctor to see our pets than it is for most people to get their kid to see a doctor. Sorry about the over weight but we are working on that – not much exercise when the snow is taller than the dog. We are working on a plan for next winter. This is unforgivable! Our clinic does so much above and beyond and I cannot believe they are alone.

    • I know. I’ve me some horrible vets, but I can count them on one hand. Considering how many vets I’ve been exposed to, it’s a minuscule amount. I’m not saying vets are heroes….oh wait, yes I am. And I stand by that statement :)

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