Because Your Dog Sucks At Being Human

We believe that your dogs are absolutely perfect as they are.  They don’t need tinkering to be the perfect dog.  Unfortunately, most dogs are really terrible at being human.  To make matters worse, most people make rather unfortunate dogs.  So we have two different species trying to achieve cohabitation in a crazy human world, and just not quite getting it right.  The object of Darwin Dogs is to teach people how to communicate with their dogs.  To do that, you must have a common method of communication.

Lazy Dog


No forceful or harsh methods such as shock collars or prong collars. No gimmicks like constant treats or clickers.  We are based on communication, not bribery.

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Contact us any time after your session.  We are always available to answer any questions you have, no matter how soon or how long after your session.

Taking the dog for a walk


We offer free pack walks in the Bradley Woods Metroparks in Westlake every Sunday from 9-10 a.m.  Work on your leash skills, ask a question in person, or just work on socialization with your dog. Check out our Facebook page to reserve your spot.



Here we go! It's been several months since we've seen you during the pack walks, and we're ready to start them up again! A few things to be aware of before attending our pack walks.

- Masks are mandatory during any one on one interactions. Have them on an in place upon arrival. Once we start walking, feel free to remove, but if you need assistance from me, your mask must be on your face properly.


- If you want a little refresher prior to arriving, please watch the link below regarding how to walk your dog without drama.


- If you have a dog-reactive dog, please give us a heads up. Tying a yellow ribbon/bandanna/scarf around your dog's leash can be helpful to identify dogs with such issues and help to keep them safe and provide notification of others that your dog needs space.

- One dog per person, please.

- If you have not done training through Darwin Dogs, that's fine! Just check out some of the blog posts at DarwinDogs.org under the "Leash Walking" menu option for tips.


Darwin Dogs


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