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Our team is deeply committed to fostering a better understanding and stronger bond between you and your canine companion, making us the preferred choice for dog and puppy owners across the region.

For those seeking an effective, humane approach to dog training in Cleveland, Ohio, Darwin Dogs guarantees a service that’s not only professional and knowledgeable but also entirely dedicated to the well-being and comfort of your pets.


Choose us for a rewarding training experience that comes with the promise of satisfaction—guaranteed.


Cleveland's Trust-Based Dog Training

Northeast Ohio's Premier Dog Training Since 2008

Dog Training...Differently

At Darwin Dogs, we specialize in offering easy, effective and humane dog training and puppy training in the Greater Cleveland Area, Ohio. 


Our approach to behavioral dog training methods is designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily interactions, steering clear of harsh, punitive training methods for a more gentle, effective training experience.


We pride ourselves on our ability to address a wide range of canine behavioral issues for both puppies and adult dogs, employing only the most compassionate techniques that promise to yield results.


Because your Dog Sucks at Being Human

Dog Training Tailored for Your Busy Life

- No Time Consuming 

Group Classes:

Say goodbye to rearranging your already packed schedule to fit in dog training classes. The Piloting Method liberates you and your dog from the constraints of group sessions, giving you the freedom to train on your terms, when it suits you best.

- Judgment-Free Environment:

We understand that every dog is unique, and so is every owner. Our approach removes the pressure of being under the scrutinizing eyes of fellow dog owners, allowing you to progress without comparisons or judgment. Your journey is just that – yours.

- Simplified, Streamlined Dog and Puppy Training Methods:

Expertly designed with your busy life in mind, the Piloting Method incorporates straightforward and efficient training routines that easily integrate into your daily schedule. No more feeling overwhelmed by complicated exercises that don't seem to fit into real life.

Puppy Training...Differently
Discover the Revolutionary Piloting Method of Dog Training: Tailored for Your Busy Lifestyle

In today's fast-paced world, dog owners often find themselves juggling between the demands of their careers and the needs of their furry companions. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by both first-time puppy parents and seasoned dog owners, we introduce a transformative approach to dog training that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle – the Piloting Dog Training Method. This method stands as a beacon for those seeking a balanced relationship with their pets, without the time commitment of traditional training routes.

Real-Life Success Stories



Then there's Dan and Buddy. Dan travels frequently for work and found it impossible to attend regular training sessions. The Piloting Method allowed Dan to train Buddy during his available mornings and evenings, significantly reducing Buddy's separation anxiety and transforming him into a calm and confident companion.

Our Promise to You

We are so confident in the effectiveness of the Piloting Method that we offer a money-back guarantee. If you don't see a remarkable improvement in your dog's behavior, we will refund your investment.


We're dedicated to providing a professional, approachable service that champions positive training methods, ensuring both you and your dog enjoy the journey to better understanding and communication.

Embrace the freedom of tailoring your dog's training to your lifestyle, ensuring a happy, well-behaved companion despite the demands of your busy life. With the Piloting Method, watch as your dog's behavior transforms, all on a schedule that works for you.

*Limited spots available to ensure personalized guidance. Reserve yours now.

Meet Sophie and Max. Sophie, a marketing executive, and Max, her spirited Labrador, were struggling with basic obedience commands. The thought of fitting weekly classes into Sophie's packed schedule was daunting. Through the Piloting Method, Sophie managed to establish a training routine that worked around her work commitments, leading to remarkable improvements in Max's behavior in just weeks.

Measurable results in 30 days.  I personally guarantee it.  - Kerry Stack, Owner

If you don't experience a positive difference within 30 days of completion of your 30 Day Best Dog/Puppy dog training package, you'll receive a full refund.

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Behaviors Addressed

jumping • barking • leash walking • counter-surfing • aggression • housebreaking • new puppy problems • new dog training • safe integration with new baby •first time dog owners • basic commands • high energy • anxiety • and so much more!

Rescue Puppy


We are focused on dog training with positive methods, not bribery with never ending treats.  Dog training based on communication, not domination. We don't believe in forceful dog training or harsh methods on your dog or puppy, such as shock collars or prong collars. Focus is on a positive bond, not "masculine energy" tactics.

Darwin Dogs Dog Training in Northeast Ohio owner with trained french bull dog


From pack walks to behavior workshops. Zoom chats and phone calls.  You will never feel like you've been left on your own.  People learn in different ways, and I guarantee your way of learning is addressed.

Darwin Dogs Dog Training in Northeast Ohio leash walking with a trained dog


From pack walks to fundraising various community efforts, to providing entertainment to local retirement centers, we are a strong presence in Cleveland, Ohio and the Northeast Ohio communities.   

Supporting our local community since 2009.


  • Dog Pack Walk
    Dog Pack Walk
    Multiple Dates
    Sun, May 26
    Bradley Woods Metroparks - Westlake
    May 26, 2024, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
    Bradley Woods Metroparks - Westlake, 4538 Bradley Rd, Westlake, OH 44145, USA
    May 26, 2024, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
    Bradley Woods Metroparks - Westlake, 4538 Bradley Rd, Westlake, OH 44145, USA
    Dogs of all ages and sizes welcome to our free, laid-back pack walks.

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