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Darwin Dogs Dog Training in Northeast Ohio Australian Shepard puppy

The Darwin Dogs Story
Cleveland's Dog Trainer Since 2008

“A big business starts small.” -Richard Branson

Hi! I'm Kerry Stack, the dog behaviorist behind Darwin Dogs.  I started Darwin Dogs in 2008 in Cleveland, but the dog Piloting Method you've read about on this website has been my method of training for many, many decades. 

Growing up in the Cleveland suburbs around many different species of animals, it was easy to see that people were focused on dominating their animals, rather than communicating.  They wanted dog obedience, rather than learning to understanding their dog's behaviors. 

I don't want an obedient dog... I just don't want a disobedient dog.  I want a companion, not a minion.

"Sit" means sit not because I'm alpha, but because my dog trusts me.  They know I won't use a shock collar to follow through with my answers.  A method of cruelty-free dog training based on communication is what it seemed everyone was lacking. Dog training simplified.

Thus Darwin Dogs was born, named after my first dog, Darwin.  

Your dog is great, wonderful, and you love him so much.  He at being human.​

Darwin Dogs Dog Training in Northeast Ohio beagle puppy kissing toddler
Dog looking up Darwin Dogs Dog Training in Northeast Ohio

Fixing dog behavior can be confusing, and dog training can be difficult and time consuming (not to mention expensive.)  Some dog behaviorists want you to commit to weekly classes where they teach you how to bribe your dog with non-stop treats.  Some want to immediately drug your dog.

Other dog trainers are downright scary, and bent on "Dominant, macho, pack leader alpha dog" style of training. 

​Dog training should be simple, effective and easy to understand.  From the oldest person in your house to youngest, dog training methods need to fit the lifestyle of a busy mom to a retired grandparent and everyone in between, without the “macho” energy. 

Darwin Dog’s Piloting course has redesigned and distilled all the time consuming fluff from dog training behavior and streamlined our course to just a few weeks of sessions.

Yes, you heard that right. Just a few weeks and you'll have the best dog ever:

Jumping • Barking • Overly Excited • New Puppy Basics (Puppy Kindergarten) • Leash Walking • Dog Reactivity • Aggression •  And So Much More!

Darwin Dogs Dog Training in Northeast Ohio young family with baby and puppy

Sound hard to believe? See what others have had to say:

From the moment Kerry came into our home there was an instant change with our dog. Our dog responded immediately to the tips and methods provided. She took us through the entire process which was very educational and set us up for success with skills for us to build on. She always provides you with a wealth of resources to help even after the home session. I highly recommend Kerry, she is clearly passionate and knowledge about what she does!"- Nicholas T.

"Not only did Kerry come to our house and teach us simple techniques for helping our dog safely navigate a new baby in the home, but she is also available at any time via phone to provide further guidance at no additional cost! I also like how she taught us general pointers to promote both physical and mental health of our dog. Her website provides many helpful blogs and videos, & she even offers pack walks on most Sundays. Well worth it!" - Justin S.

We would absolutely recommend Darwin Dogs! We needed Kerry to help us with our 9yo anxious reactive 95lb boxer mix (Sullivan). We decided it was finally time to address his behaviors after bringing home a rambunctious high energy puppy from the shelter. She helped us by teaching us our to answer our dogs questions and that Sullivan needed to learn to be able to trust us. I have already noticed a difference in our dogs and will absolutely be bringing Sullivan to her weekly pack walks to further help with his reactivity and build that trust."

"I was very impressed with Kerry and her ability to command their attention and calm Sullivan down immediately upon entering our home. An added bonus is that she is available via text, phone or facetime to work through any challenges. She also offers weekly pack walks to continue the training. She has helped me view dog/human training in a different way that has already proven to be beneficial." - Stephanie R.

Are you ready to start your journey to having the dog behavior you want, and the healthy bond your dog needs?


Darwin Dogs Dog Training in Northeast Ohio trained dog

I believe that your dog isn't a bad dog, he just sucks at being human.  And most humans are awful at learning "how to dog".  So rather than training, I like communication; answering your dog's questions, which is where the Piloting method of dog training comes into play.

I developed the Piloting method many, many years ago.  I use it in all aspects of my life, but especially with dog training.  I then condensed it down so it can be applied during a 2-hour in home dog training session.  No more obedience classes.  No more puppy kindergarten. No more searching for dog training near you.  It doesn't get any nearer than in your home!  Safe, simple effective methods designed to fit in with your life.  That was my goal!

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