Here's the part of the page where I drone on and on about my qualifications, experiences, and Just How Great I am.  Well, I like things to be a little more direct, and a lot less flowery, so I'll give it to you straight: I started Darwin Dogs in 2008, but have been working with animals and dogs my entire life. I believe that your dog isn't a bad dog, he just sucks at being human.  And most humans are awful at learning "how to dog".  So rather than training, I like communication; answering your dog's questions, which is where The PAW Method comes into play.

I developed The PAW Method ("Piloting, Activity, Work") many, many years ago.  I use it in all aspects of my life, but especially with dog training.   Learn more about Piloting your dog, as well as The PAW Method, in my articles and posts.  


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