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“A big business starts small.” -Richard Branson

Hi! I'm Kerry Stack.  I started Darwin Dogs in 2008, but the PAW Method you've read about on this website has been rattling around my brain for many, many decades. 

Growing up around many different species of animals, it was easy to see that people were bent on dominating their animals, rather than communicating.  They focused on obedience with their dogs, especially, rather than understanding.  Well, I don't want an obedient dog who is more a machine than k9! I want a dog who trusts me enough to accept answer I give them.  "Sit" means sit not because I'm alpha, but because my dog trusts me that I won't use a shock collar to follow through with my answers.  Cruelty-free, communication based training is what it seemed everyone was lacking.

Thus Darwin Dogs was born, named after my first dog, Darwin.  

Dogs on a Bench
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I believe that your dog isn't a bad dog, he just sucks at being human.  And most humans are awful at learning "how to dog".  So rather than training, I like communication; answering your dog's questions, which is where The PAW Method of dog training comes into play.

I developed The PAW Method ("Piloting, Activity, Work") many, many years ago.  I use it in all aspects of my life, but especially with dog training.  I then condensed it down so it can be applied during a 2-hour in home dog training session.  No more obedience classes.  No more puppy kindergarten. No more searching for dog training near you.  It doesn't get any nearer than in your home!  Safe, simple effective methods designed to fit in with your life.  That was my goal!

About Me: About Me
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