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Best Dog Ever

Puppy Training FAQ’s

Q. At what age can we start training our new puppy?

A.  We have tailored our puppy training course specifically for younger dogs between the ages of 9 weeks to 5 months.

Q. What type of puppy training is addressed?

A.  The Best Dog Ever puppy training is our most comprehensive dog training package available.  We start your new puppy off right with communication based training covering all the new puppy basics, including housebreaking, chewing, nipping, basic commands, separation anxiety, exercise, and leash walking (and so much more).

Our program guides your puppy through their formative months, easing their transition into adulthood by gently shaping your puppy’s behaviors towards positive outcomes. 

Q. What does the puppy training program look like?

A.  During our initial 2-hour in-home puppy training session, we will teach you how to understand your puppy’s needs and wants, and how to effectively guide your puppy through challenging behaviors throughout their phases of development.  From crate training your puppy to setting healthy boundaries and developing social skills, you are set and ready to handle the first formative moments of your puppy’s new life with you.  


Our next puppy training session typically takes place a few weeks later. At this point, your puppy is getting bigger, and is ready for some more advanced puppy training, including learning to walk on a leash, and focusing on impulse control.  Your puppy is also now full of boundless energy and curiosity, and we will show you how to direct that energy in positive ways.


For our final puppy training session, it’s time to address behaviors that will be coming now that your puppy is almost an adolescent.  Just like humans, puppies go through adolescence, and we are here to help bridge the journey from puppyhood to adult dog, building on the strong foundation you’ve already set.  


In between our in-home puppy training sessions, we will be working on our leash skills with our  leash walking sessions, as well as our optional free weekly pack walks.  Age-appropriate leash training is done with a focus on your puppy’s specific needs. Whether they are rambunctious explorers or a bit more cautious and wary of the big world, we will help you learn to guide your puppy towards positive leash walking skills, and build a bond of trust with your new puppy.

Q. What type of support is provided after our puppy course?

A.  We greatly look forward to puppy updates as they grow, and will always be here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. From spunky little puppy to sugar-faced senior dog, we are strongly committed to helping you provide the best life for your new best friend. 


Tackle all common puppy concerns, such as mastering basic commands, effective housebreaking techniques, and additional valuable insights.

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