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Q. What makes Darwin Dogs so different from other dog training styles?

A.  At Darwin Dogs, we believe that the focus should be on the bond between you and your dog,and celebrating, rather than punishing, the differences between canine and human minds.  We focus on more than just dog training; we help owners understand the why behind the way their dog acts the way they do, rather than just a list of “do’s” and “don’ts” combined with the boring, constant repetition involved in traditional dog training.


Q. What does a typical dog training session look like?

A. We start by allowing your dog to feel comfortable, and typically that involves us taking your dog for a very brief “get to know you” walk.  We will then be doing a comprehensive overview of your dog’s activity level (and how to easily manage hyper-energetic dogs) as well as manifesting a plan to alleviate your dog’s boredom in a more effective way.  Now that we’ve set your dog up for success, we will be focusing on how to Pilot your dog towards behaviors that you wish to encourage, and gently negate your dog’s unsavory behaviors.  We focus on making sure your lifestyle is taken into consideration when developing your specific dog training plan.

Q. What is Piloting?

A. Piloting is not too much different than parenting.  It’s based upon love and kindness, but allowing mistakes to be learned from, rather than punished, ignored, or attempting bribery to make them stop.  It’s dog training based upon communication, not domination.

Q. My dog is 12.  Is he too old to train?

A. No dog is ever too old to train, as our Piloting method incorporates tactics to resolve anxiety, aggression and fear, which often starts to plague dogs as they age.  Our goal is a happy, anxiety-free dog well into their golden years. 


Q. What if it doesn’t work?

A. We have specifically designed the Piloting method of dog training to be simple, easy and intuitive.  There are no pages and pages of rules to memorize, and no constant training sessions.  Piloting is meant to blend in seamlessly with your life, not overtake it with nonstop dog training rituals.  And if you do have questions, you are always encouraged to contact us. 

Q. What kind of guaranty do you offer?

A. If you don’t experience a positive difference in your dog’s behavior within 30 days of completion of your dog’s training, we offer a full refund.    

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