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Dog Training Journey with Ellis the Foster Dog

My husband has a quote about me. He claims that I'm like a shark, and if I ever stop swimming, I'd drown. That may be true. I'm constantly in motion, always doing something.

And then came the social distancing and self quarantine. That's a big problem for me. Since my dog training is done in-home, it would be irresponsible for me to jump directly from one training session to the next, possibly spreading the Covid-19 virus everywhere. So I was essentially forced to stop swimming for a bit.

This past Thursday I was able to keep an appointment I had a local shelter to evaluate a dog. There were only two dogs at the shelter at the time, so after the evaluation, I asked to see the second dog. His name was Buster, and he was a hilarious, hyper, jumping mass of energy. Sweet dog, but total asshat. Not dangerous (except the jumping that could knock you over), but what I'd refer to as a "No No Bad Dog".

As I was heading back from the shelter, a thought occurred to me. Buster was a great dog, just completely without manners. So I hatched a plan. I would foster Buster for two weeks, train him, and document his training to help others learn how to train their new, possibly unruly, dog.

So I grabbed Buster (who I renamed Ellis), and started working with him. Join us on our journey as I take on the challenge of Piloting a foster dog for two weeks in the hope that the training will bring him closer to his forever home.

Kerry Stack

Darwin Dogs

Dog Training, Differently

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