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Dog Training...Differently

How many sessions do you need?

From jumping, barking and leash walking to separation anxiety and aggression issues, we have a package designed for you.  More of a DIY'er?  Choose our single 2-hour training session.  Think you may need more help with training your dog?  Check out some of our packages.  Want the ultimate experience?  Learn about our 30-Day Best Dog Ever package, which is the perfect balance between in-home dog training and board and train. 

No gimmicks, no clickers.  No abusive shock collars or prong collars.  Dog training based exclusively on communication, not domination. 


Questions after your session?  Ask them! You're not on your own. We help you along the way, answering your questions and helping you troubleshoot after your session.  

Traditional dog training is frustrating, slow and, let's face it, boring.  Find out why Piloting your dog is the easy and comprehensive way to work with your dog's behaviors.  No gimmicks.  No frustration.  Just a simple and easy to understand method that elevates traditional dog training.  

Our Services

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Need Something A Little Extra?

If you're looking for a more in-depth style of dog training, our comprehensive dog training plan packages may be just what you need. These plans include the best combinations of our dog training services: 2- hour in home dog training sessions, leash walks, along with support you need, including the zoom call follow-ups and pack walks. In addition, our members-only content provides valuable resources and tips to help you continue your dog's training at home. With our proven methods and personalized approach, we can help you achieve a better relationship with your dog and a well-behaved pet you can be proud of. 

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