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Darwin Dogs Training:
Accelerated Dog Training 101

Welcome to Darwin Dogs -

Dog Training...Differently

Greater Cleveland Area


Got a great dog already with just a few little issues that need a gentle nudge? Try our Accelerated Dog Training 101. Great for when you're already speaking the same language, but you're not quite on the same page as your dog.

Three French Bullgod Puppies

Communication without domination

Your Dog Isn't Giving You A Hard Time; Your Dog Is Having  A Hard Time

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Behavior Issues?

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Why Choose Our Accelerated Dog Training Package?

Transform the challenge of dog training into an opportunity for growth and bonding. Let's embark on this remarkable journey together, creating a harmonious and joyful life with your new best friend. Contact us today to set your furry companion on the path to becoming the ideal pet. Welcome to a world of understanding, respect, and mutual trust. Welcome to our family.


Dog Training,

Dog Training 101:

A strengthening bonds of communication for Dog Owners in Greater Cleveland


Are you a dog owner who feels like you've already formed a great connection with your furry friend, but just need a bit of guidance to smooth out those few rough edges? Our Accelerated Dog Training 101 course is precisely what you've been looking for.  Whether it's a slight misunderstanding about house rules, a bit of over-enthusiasm on the leash, or simply fine-tuning your communication, our Accelerated Dog Training 101 is designed to address these issues gently and effectively.

Why Choose the Piloting Method of Dog Training?

Our Piloting Method of dog training is distinctly designed to move beyond the traditional click and treat training by fostering an authentic bond between you and your dog. It's not just about obedience; it's about understanding and respect.


Imagine being able to communicate with your dog, guiding them through the complexities of their world with calmness and assertiveness. That’s the essence of our Piloting Method of dog training. 

Simple, Effective Fixes for Frustrating Dog Behavior

We aim to empower you with the knowledge and tools to be the calm, assertive Pilot your dog naturally looks for. With our guidance, the journey of bonding with your dog becomes a fulfilling adventure rather than a series of stressful encounters.


From leash walking to jumping or hyper-activity, trust in our professional yet warm approach to dog training, and take the first step toward becoming the confident, assured Pilot your dog needs

Accelerated Dog Training 101:

What to Expect

- Tailored Training Plan: Personalized to fit your dog's unique needs and your specific goals, ensuring effective and meaningful progress.

- Positive Reinforcement Techniques: We focus on rewarding desirable behaviors, strengthening the bond between you and your dog without the need for harsh methods.

- Behavioral Insights: Gain deep insights into what drives your dog's behavior, and how to address issues at their root, not just the symptoms.

- Expert Guidance: Our professional trainers are with you every step of the way, providing support, answering questions, and celebrating your successes.

- Lifetime Support:  You're part of our family. We offer ongoing support to ensure you and your dog continue to thrive together.

Welcome to the Darwin Dogs Family

Whether you're dealing with potty training, leash pulling, or anything in between, Darwin Dogs is your partner in creating a happy, well-behaved companion. Approachable, yet professional, we're here to guide you through every step of the dog training process, ensuring a positive outcome for both you and your pet.

- **In-Home Training Sessions ** You learn  better in a relaxed atmosphere, and so does your dog.  Your training sessions are fun, informative and entertaining; no strict training regimens, or unrealistic dog training methods.

- **Dog Leash Walking Session ** Leash walking can often be a source of stress for both dog and owners. Our leash training session focuses on creating a calm, enjoyable walking experience for you and your dog, emphasizing leash manners and proper walking etiquette.

- **Lifetime Support** Perfect for addressing immediate concerns or questions that arise between sessions, these calls, emails and texts ensure you're never left wondering or waiting. Our trainers provide quick, actionable advice to keep you and your dog on track towards your training goals.

-**Lifetime Access To Our Members  Benefits** Benefit from exclusive training content, as well as joining other Darwin Dog members on dog adventures and puppy outings.

- **Unlimited Pack Walks - For Life:** Join our community for scheduled dog and puppy pack walks. It's a fantastic way to socialize your dog while reinforcing the training in a fun, relaxed environment. Plus, it's a great opportunity for you to connect with other new dog owners in the Cleveland area. It's a judgment free place to learn and grow with your dog.

- **Dog Training Content and Videos (updated weekly!):** Stay ahead of the game with our expertly crafted content and instructional videos, ensuring you have access to the latest in positive reinforcement training techniques and advice. Our library is updated weekly, so you're always in the know.

Darwin Dogs: Why resort to Training your dog when you can Pilot them?

Our innovative Piloting Method of dog training is meticulously designed to help you overcome the frustration of dog ownership, helping you forge a bond with your new companion, without resorting to shock collars, e-collars or other forceful methods. Understanding the unique challenges and joys that come with having a dog, we've developed a comprehensive approach that covers every aspect of dog training and behavior, creating a healthy and honest bond without resorting to "click & treat" methods or forceful and painful shock collars

From training your first rescue dog, or working through your senior dog's lingering unsavory behaviors, don't let another day go by of simply managing your dog's behavior.  Try our Accelerated Dog Training 101, and forge that bond with your dog you've always dreamed of.


Darwin Dogs
Dog Training, Differently 

Our approach is knowledgeable yet approachable, focusing on building a loving, respectful relationship between you and your dog through effective, simple & positive training methods.


Accelerated Dog Training 101


Our confident, reassuring approach is grounded in positive training methods, designed to foster a strong, respectful bond between you and your beloved pet. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge of dog behavior, tackling everything from basic obedience to more complex behavioral issues with professionalism, humor and a gentle touch.

(Greater Cleveland, Ohio Area)

  • 2 in-home dog training sessions (2 hrs. each)

  • 1 dog leash walking session (30+ mins)

  • Lifetime support

  • Access to Members Area​

  • Schedule unlimited pack walks

  • Exclusive FB Group

  • Dog Training Content and Videos (updated weekly!)


Accelerated Dog Training 101:

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